Recent Jobs (Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitsvahs and Simchas)

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Recent Jobs - Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitsvah & Simchas.

Kieffer Orchestra was proud to play at Shani and Mark Vegh's wedding June 28, 2009. at the Rose Castle, Brooklyn New York.

           Here are photos of the band and Chupa ceremony.

               (Photos will appear larger by clicking on them!)

Frank London and Tzvika Klein

Hawaiian Sunset

Izzy Kieffer

Acapela Singers during Chupa ceremony.

R-L Avram Gabay, Tsivka Klein, Shalom Kovnator, Chaim Fishas and Frank London.

Sample Photo 6

Chaim Fishas & Shalom Kovnator.

Sample Photo 8

Avram Gabay.

Sample Photo 10

Izzy Kieffer.

Sample Photo 12

Chupa Ceremony.