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Kieffer Orchestra—Photo Gallery—The Jewish Music Scene!

Dudi Comedi, sax; Samir Shukri, violin; Avraham Pengas, guitar.

Izzy Kieffer with Boaz Sharabi

At the HES Chassidic Festival: Izzy on vocals, Arye Gendelman on piano.

Izzy with Yoel Sharabi

Izzy with Yosi Piamenta (center) and The Hesh

Izzy with Yosi Piamenta

Izzy with Shlomo Haviv

Izzy with Sandy Shmuely & Shlomo Simcha

Izzy at the legendary venue in NYC

Avram Grobard, Chaim Kovner, and Chaim Fishas

Ziv Nagari, guitar; Manny Tazman, flute/sax.

Izzy at another legendary venue

Kieffer Orchestra perfoming at Brooklyn College Magen David Yeshiva 8th grade graduation ceremony, June 12, 2007: Principal Rabbi Hilsenrath, Izzy, special guest Avner Levy, Gil Na'aman and Tsvi Lampert

"I can't hear you!"

Izzy and Sandy Shmuely

Izzy and Chaim Dovid at the Israel Day Parade Concert 2009

With Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yona Metzger

Heshy, Ruby Harris of the Diaspora Yeshiva Band, and Izzy

HES Annual Chassidic Song Festival

Izzy, Turkish singer Nadine, Shlomo Haviv, Chaim Fishas (Sax), and Alex (Tbone-standing)

Izzy and singer Shimi Tavori