The Musical Biography of Izzy Kieffer

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The Musical Biography of Izzy Kieffer

Izzy Kieffer started his musical career at the age of five, when he was drumming on the Shabbat table when singing the Shabbat Zmirot (Sabbath songs) with his family. His parents bought him a drum set for his 11th birthday and he has been playing ever since.

Izzy studied drums and percussion at The Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. Before entering the IDF, Izzy studied with noted Israeli jazz drummer Aaron (Areleh) Kaminsky at his school in Tel Aviv.

Izzy served as a drummer and singer in the Israeli Army Rabbinical Band/Choir from 1983-1986 under the leadership of noted musical arranger Capt. Moshe "Mona" Rosenblum. During his service, Izzy was privileged to be part of the Rabbinical Army Band/Choir's 1984 coast-to-coast tour of the United States to promote tourism to Israel. See the article about the tour in the New York Times.

After his tour of duty in the IDF, Izzy studied at Boston's Berklee College of Music and completed 3 semesters. He later completed his B.A. with a double major in Music and Judaic Studies at the City College of New York. While at City College, Izzy had the privilege of studying with jazz bassist Ron Carter and with noted Latin arranger Ray Santos.

Izzy has been playing drums and singing at many events; in addition to playing with other orchestras, he has his ownKieffer Orchestra. Izzy has played with many noted musicians, among them Jo Amar, Avram Grobard, Yisroel Lamm, Mona Rosenblum, Avner Levy, Shlomo Haviv, Yosi Piamenta, Ruby Harris, Avraham Rosenblum, Avraham Pengas, Sandy Shmuely, Ron Eliran, Yoel Sharr, and Shuli Natan, among many others.

Izzy also has an original music band that he's been involved with for many years with his longtime musical partner and high school friend Heshy Rosenwasser. The band is called Reality Shock, whose song "What Mek' Dis Night" was featured in the 2006 motion picture comedy "When Do We Eat" with Jack Klugman and Lesley-Ann Warren.

For more historical and musical information including songs from Reality Shock's album "There's A Voice," please visit 

Izzy put out a Jewish music album featuring many well-known stars from the Jewish music scene, including Yosi Piamenta and Sandy Shmuely, to name a few. The CD, is called "Izzy Kieffer & Friends - Let There Be Peace." to listen to sampels and purchase please go to

Izzy teaches music full time in addition to playing at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. He holds a BA in Music and Judaic Studies (double Major) from City College NYC and a Master's degree in Special Education from Touro College.