"Let There Be Peace—Yehi Shalom"

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"uncork the bottle" & "Let There Be Peace—Yehi Shalom" Album/CD Design and Information


 1. Yehi Shalom - Let There Be Peace - <5:30>
Music by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach obm. Used by permission.
Vocals and Arrangement: Izzy Kieffer and Heshy Rosenwasser
Featured Vocal: Tim Boyce
Featuring Dani Flam on Trombone
A Reality Shock Production

2. Ain Kelokainu - <3:00>
Vocals: Izzy Kieffer and Heshy Rosenwasser
Music by Heshy Rosenwasser
Arranged by Izzy Kieffer
A Reality Shock Production

3. Sheyibaneh Bet Hamikdash - <3:56>
(Traditional Spanish song "Bomboleo")
Arranged by Izzy Kieffer and Shlomo Haviv
Lead Vocal: Shlomo Haviv

4. Ashira Lashem Ki Gamal Alai - <4:45>
Lead vocal: Sandy Shmuely

5. Not By Might! - Lo B'chayil - <3:31>
Lead vocal: Yosi Piamenta

6. Kah KeliThe Happy Nigun - <3:54>
Music by Heshy Rosenwasser
Arranged by Izzy Kieffer and Heshy Rosenwasser
A Reality Shock Production

7. Izzy's Version of "Od Lo Ahavti Dai"- <3:55>
Words by Naomi Shemer obm

8. Hamalach Micha'el - <3:00>
Featured Vocal: Shauly Waldner

9. What Mak' Dis Night (Ma Nishtana Reggae) - <3:45>
From the original motion picture soundtrack "When Do We Eat"
Music, lyrics, and lead vocal by Heshy Rosenwasser
A Reality Shock Production

10. Torah Tsiva Lanu Moshe/Hodu Lashem - <4:49>
(Traditional Persian songs "Anur Anur" and "Alevay")
Arranged by Izzy Kieffer and Shlomo Haviv
Lead Vocal: Shlomo Haviv

11. All The Way UP UP UP (The Shidduchim Song) - <3:02>
Vocals: Shoresh /
Jonathan Rimberg and Jeff Braverman

12. Lo Yisa - <3:53>
Music by Izzy Kieffer and Eli Schachter
Lead vocal: Eli Schachter

13. Mashiach - <3:23>
Lead vocal:
Avner Levy
Courtesy of Avner Levy Music Productions

14. Eshet Chayil - <2:56>
Song dedicated to Dina Davis/Karavani,
Miriam Aliza Rotenberg/Strauss, Dvorah Willenberg,
Deborah Kolb, and all the Eshet Chayils

15. Av Harachaman - <2:50>

16. Ana Hashem - The Riff - <4:11>
In loving memory of
Emil Leuchter obm
Featuring Ruby Harris on violin
Music by Reality Shock
A Reality Shock Production





Lead Vocals: Izzy Kieffer except where otherwise noted

Background Vocals: Ron Ben Chaim, Yehuda Piamenta, Heshy Rosenwasser

Piano and Keyboards: Izzy Kieffer, Heshy Rosenwasser, Barak Levron

Guitar: Frank Marotta, Steve Lopresto, Avner Levy, Yosi Piamenta, Tim Boyce, Sandy Shmuely, Eli Schachter

Bass: Steve Lopresto, Trevor Allen

Synth Bass: Izzy Kieffer, Heshy Rosenwasser

Drums: Izzy Kieffer

Percussion: Roni Nalven, Shlomo Haviv, Izzy Kieffer

Trumpet: Dani Comedi, Dani Flam

Trombone: Ron Baron, Dani Flam

Violin: Ruby Harris

Engineered by Mike Ferrara at Fast Lane Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Recorded at Mach 1 Studios, Brooklyn, NY; Hyperstudio, West Hempstead, NY; Retromedia Sound, Red Bank NJ; Avi Yaffe J-M Recording Studio, Jerusalem, Israel

Information, bookings, and concerts: 347-414-2424


Personal Note

Ashira Lashem Ki Gamal AlaiI will sing to Hashem because He has been good to me. First thanks goes to The One who knows how vulnerable we really are. B'chol yom tamid ... and without His HashgachaDivine interventionnothing can happen Letova-for the best. In this album I tried to combine many styles with originality and with some musical experimentation. I included guest appearances with the artists that I work with playing at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, and who influenced my music. Yosi Piamenta, Sandy Shmuely, and Avner Levy's songs were written especially for them. I hope this album will be a source of joy to the heart and soul of the listener.

Special thanks to my wife Rachel for her love, support and dedication, her parents Sara and Yitschak Ben Ezri who have warmly welcomed me into the family and all their extended familiy. My parents, Shlomo and Dvorah Kieffer, for their continued support and encouragement. To my musical partner and friend since high school Heshy Rosenwasser. To my "second mother," Sally (Sorky) Kaufman. To my Shvesters, Huvie Willenberg, Yaffi Davis, Nechama Munk, and all their extended families. To my uncles, Rabbi Yosef Schachter and Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi. To Josh and Bonnie Sharfman. To all the extended Kieffer familymy aunts Malk and Rosh, my uncle Meyer, and all their kids and grandchildren. Rabbi Avraham Goldstein of Crown Heights Yeshiva and Rabbi Yeshayahu E. Greenfeld and Marcelline Yellin and all the staff at North Shore Hebrew Academy.

To all the musicians and friends who participated in this album and to Nachum Segal from JM in the AM. To all who are not mentioned here but are in my heart, I apologize in advance.

Special special thanks to all those who have stood the test of time and have been there for me personally with their constant support: Karen and Yisrael Dov Meyer from Toronto CA, Roni Nalven, Jacob Shoshan, Daniel Neiden, Rabbi Rolando Matalon, Peter Geffen, Saul and Ike Tawil, Rabbi Eliyahu Kadi, Yisrael Dayan, Judy Eideles, Moshe Robbins, Rabbi Zecharya Wallerstein, Yonah Lloyd, Deborah and Tom Kolb, Amir and Amy Poran, Dani and Luci Binyaminov, and Moshe Malek.